How to Start at Paul the Tutor's

1) Free 30 Minute Consultation (Learn More) (Schedule a Consult)

2) Register Online (Learn More) (Register)

3) Schedule with Your Assigned Tutor (Learn More)


First: Schedule a FREE 30-minute meeting with Paul the Tutor

Before tutoring begins, all of our new incoming families have the opportunity to schedule a free 30-minute meeting with Paul the Tutor. This meeting, which includes the student and parent(s), is a cognitive evaluation that is very helpful for determining the course of action. Click here to begin scheduling your free consultation with Paul the Tutor.

This meeting gives Paul the opportunity to:

  • Learn about the student's educational background (grades, previous test scores, etc.)
  • Learn about the student's areas of difficulty
  • Discuss the student's learning disabilities, if any
  • Determine which of our tutors would be the best fit for the student

This meeting also gives families the opportunity to:

  • State any goals they have for the student (grades, college admissions, etc.)
  • Get answers to any questions about tutoring or billing

All families are encouraged to take advantage of this free meeting but students and families with urgent needs can bypass this if they choose.


After the initial meeting, families that are ready to begin tutoring need to register on our website and get payments set up on our AutoPay system. This only takes a few moments, and can often be completed right after the initial session.

Families are billed monthly for tutoring fees. Entering your credit card information in our Auto-Pay system locks in a lower rate and ensures your fees are paid a few days after billing. Your credit card information is secure and protected.

To Get Registered:

  • Click on the red “Register” button in the upper right corner, or click here
  • Fill in some quick profile information about you and your student
  • Review our cancellation policy
  • Hit submit

After Registering, You Will Be Prompted to Sign Up for AutoPay:

  • Enter your credit card information
  • You will be billed at the beginning of each month via email
  • Your fees will be automatically charged to your card a few days after billing

Last: Get Started with Your Tutor

After the meeting, Paul will quickly determine which of our tutors is best for your student. Our administrator will then connect you with your tutor via email. From there, you can schedule sessions directly with the tutor.

Tips for Getting Scheduled:

  • For test prep, we recommend at least 1.5 hours of tutoring per week, per subject
  • For all tutoring, we recommend meeting at the same time and day each week for the sake of consistency and ease
  • Let us know if you would prefer in-home tutoring or meeting in one of our tutoring centers