Quality Tutoring, Test Preparation, and Organizational Coaching for students with learning disabilities, traditional learners, and accelerated students.

What We Offer: Tutoring
We offer private and paired tutoring at our learning center in Piedmont and also provide in-home tutoring. We match you with tutors who are experts in their fields and can navigate each student's unique learning styles and academic goals. [more]

Test Preparation
Paul the Tutor's is the only learning center that offers SAT Preparation specially designed for students with learning disabilities. Our preparation classes and one-and-one tutoring are based on Paul's LD SAT Study Guide, the only SAT manual written for students who learn differently. Paul the Tutor's also provides quality SAT, ACT, and SAT II preparation for traditional learners and accelerated students. Our experienced test prep tutors can help students reach their target scores and gain entrance into top colleges and universities. [more]

Organizational & Study Skills
Organizational coaching at Paul the Tutor's is designed to help struggling students get back on track. We work with each students' particular set of challenges to cultivate meaningful study habits and time management skills. [more]