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Paul the Tutor's provides one-on-one test prep for: ACT, SAT, ISEE, SSAT and HSPT. We specialize in non-traditional students: students with learning disabilities, organizational troubles, athletes and those seeking perfect scores.

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Which Tests Do We Cover?

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Q: Which Tests Do You Cover?

A: ACT, SAT, and High School or Middle School Entrance (SSAT, ISEE, HSPT)

We prepare students for all standardized entrance exams, including the ACT, SAT and all high school and middle school entrance exams (HSPT, SSAT and ISEE).

ACT - Now the most popular college entrance exam

SAT - Now using the new 1600 format

ISEE/SSAT - Entrance exam for most private high schools and middle schools

HSPT - Entrance exam for Catholic high schools


Q: Who Does Paul the Tutor's Prep?

A: EVERYONE: Students with Learning Disabilities, Accelerated and Traditional Students

Paul the Tutor's preps all students, from those seeking to get a perfect score to those who have always been a "bad test taker".

Do You Prep Students with Learning Disabilities?

Yes we do. Because we have a cognitive based prep system (see below), we are able to get to the root of a student's challenges and put together an individualized instruction plan.

Do You Only Work with Students with Learning Disabilities?

Absolutely not. We have students from every point on the learning spectrum: from developmentally challenged students to those shooting for a perfect score.

I'm Shooting for 1600/36, is Paul the Tutor's for Me?

Yes! Extremely bright students who are not scoring quite up to their potential usually approach some questions in a cognitively inefficient manner. Because they are bright, they still get good scores, but not the scores they deserve. They're like a professional athlete who is playing in dress shoes: good enough to do well, but not as well as they could.

Is Paul the Tutor's for Everyone?

No. If you are looking for a large group class which teaches the same material to everyone, or a cut rate prep service, Paul the Tutor's is probably not for you.


Q: ACT vs. SAT: Which is Right For Me?

A: We Recommend the ACT... for now

The New SAT has been completely redesigned, and no one knows exactly what the test will really be like. At this time, the College Board has only released four practice tests. We believe that this is not enough information for anyone to confidently prep for the new SAT.


Q: How Does Paul the Tutor's Prep Work?

A: 1.5 Hour Sessions (16 to 24 Total), Our Own Curriculum & Hosted Practice Tests

Hour and a Half Sessions - Hour and a half sessions allow us to review homework, cover material and do practice problems. Longer sessions also help build cognitive stamina.

16 to 24 Hours Total - We recommend a minimum of 16 hours of prep work, and recommend doing 24 hours if possible.

Paul the Tutor's Curriculum - For most tests, we use a curriculum that we created. Paul writes with the assistance of most tutors. You will likely be prepping with a tutor who has contributed to the curriculum they're using.

Real Old Tests - There's no substitute for the real thing, so we collect as many previously-administered tests as possible and use those for practice problems and full length practice tests.

Hosted Practice Tests - Once a month we host a Saturday morning practice test (for any test). It is the closest thing we can provide to the real thing.

Classes Only for Schools - We no longer do larger classes for prepping, except when requested by schools. It is too hard to provide the individualized instruction required in a large group setting.


Q: How is Paul the Tutor's Different?

A: We use a 5 Tiered Cognitive Approach to Test Prep

Many companies just teach students tips and tricks, or merely go over practice tests. Paul the Tutor's works on five levels: subject matter knowledge, tips and tricks, proper cognitive approach for types of questions, cognitive skill development, and individualized cognitive-based instruction.

Subject Matter Knowledge - If you don't know the math, grammar, vocab, etc... none of the other stuff will help.

Strategies and Tricks - There are just some basics skills you need to have in order to take these types of tests. We will teach you the same skills and tricks that most prep company will.

Cognitive Instruction - Student are not only taught what to do or what tricks to use; they are taught how to think about each type of problem, and what guiding questions to ask themselves.

Cognitive Skill Development - We'll help students develop each of the underlying cognitive skills they'll need to do well on their test.

Individualized Cognitive Based Instruction - By figuring out a student's cognitive strengths and weaknesses, we are able to determine the most productive way to teach, what skills need to be improved, and what skills they should rely on.